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    Helping people to work effectively at large scales, across boundaries to develop innovative strategies, programs, and practices to protect and connect natural systems at the large landscape scale for the benefit of people and nature.

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    Collect and share information on the theory, practice, policy and performance of large landscape conservation.

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    Promote and support large landscape conservation as a solution to issues of human, wildlife, cultural, and ecological health.

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    Examine needs and opportunities: identify gaps in knowledge and practice; transcend policy and practical barriers; explore methods for assessing large landscape conservation.

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    Link people and organizations through workshops, events, peer-to-peer exchanges, and the web to build personal and professional relationships.


The Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation is an alliance of professionals and citizens engaged in leading, managing, researching, advocating, funding, educating or setting policy to advance large landscape conservation initiatives. Large landscape conservation initiatives are those efforts which are focused on large areas of recognized conservation value, sensitivity and/or threat and require a broad-based, multi-jurisdictional, multi-sectoral, multi-purpose (economic, social and environmental) approach with specific, measurable conservation objectives.

  • Build capacity for large landscape conservation at various scales and across sectors.
  • Link existing and emerging large landscape conservation initiatives.
  • Improve the policy framework to promote and support large landscape conservation initiatives. Learn More

Learning Platform

Taking Conservation to Scale is an online learning platform to build and share knowledge on large landscape conservation.

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A compilation of large landscape conservation publications and articles are available in our resource library.

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Get information about upcoming webinars and watch archived webinars on a variety of large landscape conservation topics.

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