The Network for Landscape Conservation is the community of practice for professionals working to catalyze a landscape conservation approach and to achieve on-the-ground success. We are a collaborative of practitioners in the private, public, non-profit, academic, and philanthropic sectors focused on supporting and advancing the practice of landscape conservation.

Mission & Vision

The Network’s mission – helping people work effectively across boundaries to develop innovative strategies, programs, and practices to protect, restore, or connect natural systems at the large landscape scale for the benefit of people and nature.

The Network Vision – a broadly supported and enduring system of protected and connected natural systems at the large landscape scale across the globe that sustain vibrant human and natural communities for current and future generations.

Members of the Network have drafted a Charter to guide growth and development of the Network moving forward.


  • Build capacity for large landscape conservation at various scales and across sectors.
  • Link existing and emerging large landscape conservation initiatives.
  • Improve the policy framework to promote and support large landscape conservation initiatives.