Why is Landscape Conservation Essential?

Landscape conservation is vital for the future of both people and nature.

Both human and natural communities depend on a healthy, connected natural world to survive and thrive.

This “green infrastructure” can no longer be taken for granted, as it is increasingly threatened by complex issues including habitat loss and fragmentation, decreasing water quality and quantity, increasing droughts and fires, escalating climate change, and more.

We must work together – and along the private to public land and wild to urban land continuum – to move society to a place that recognizes our natural and cultural landscapes are invaluable, intertwined, irreplaceable, and part of the very fabric of our society.

  • Healthy communities depend upon healthy nature  


  • Think outside the (protected area) box  


  • Beyond random acts of conservation  


  • Big problems need big solutions


  • Beyond “them versus us


  • The power of collective impact